Digital marketing

Our unique algorithm allows to effectively run SEM campaigns in periods of high demand, reducing OTA's commissions and increasing direct bookings. Due to combining SEM with our revenue management system, online advertising starts only in periods when the hotel sells rooms by more expensive price, therefore, each attracted reservation becomes more profitable.

Развитие сайта отеля

Проанализируем ваш сайт на предмет возможных улучшений для увеличения конверсии


Настройка и запуск рекламных компаний в социальных сетях

Поисковый маркетинг


Поисковый маркетинг

Оптимизируйте свои поисковые компании с учетом нашей аналитики

Free trial

We offer a unique opportunity for your hotel to test our revenue management system for 14 days for free and see the potential of revenue increasing through our system.